Creating compelling and engaging videos is only part of the equation to online video marketing. You’ll also need to implement a plan to promote your videos. With various types of videos being uploaded on a daily basis, it’s a good idea to try different outlets when promoting your own material.

* Social Media: If you don’t have a business page yet on the popular social media sites, you are missing out on a powerful to engage with consumers. Videos can be easily shared with just an embedded link on most social media sites. In addition, most social media sites offer in-depth promotion and advertising tools to help you boost your exposure.

* Email Marketing: Many companies have found that their sales, consumer interest in products, and click-through rates have increased significantly after incorporating videos into their email marketing campaigns.

* Video Sharing Sites: YouTube, although considered a social media site itself, is also one the biggest online video sharing site in history – reaching over a billion video views regularly. In addition, YouTube makes it easy to promote your videos with share widgets, Google Adwords, analytics, and more.

* Use Relevant Keywords: Your videos will promote themselves when you create SEO-optimized descriptions and titles with relevant keywords. The more optimized your video description and title is, the more likely your videos will show up on the first page in search engine results.

* Comment on Other Relevant Videos: A great way to promote your own video is to make yourself known on other companies’ videos. Feel free to comment and add expert tips into to comments sections of relevant industry videos, but make sure you don’t push too hard to convert others. Simply allowing your expertise to shine as, well as engaging with other viewers will help tremendously in promoting your own content.