Although video marketing is an effective way to boost your sales and attract more customers, you’ll need to get your videos in front of as many people as possible in order to achieve success.

The following tips will help you get started on the right foot with video marketing so you can get as much exposure as possible:

1. Research Popular Marketing Videos: Check out popular videos in your industry to get an idea of what works and what people are interested in seeing. For example, popular marketing videos can include testimonials, product demonstrations, funny product sketches, and expert interviews.

2. Share Everywhere: Once you’ve created your first video, be certain to share everywhere you can, including emails, your business website, and social media sites. Do the same for any future videos you create.

3. Call to Action: When promoting your services and products via videos, don’t forget to include information such as your phone number, business hours, directions, website address and location either on – or somewhere near – the video itself. This makes it easy for viewers to seek out further information about your company

4. Make it Easy to Interact: Be certain to allow viewers to share and comment on your videos. Social media widgets and a comment section should always be available on any video sharing and social media site.

5. Invest in Advertising: For a nominal fee, Google AdWords can help you promote your videos. In addition, an experienced video marketing consultant has a plethora of avenues to take that will help your videos get the maximum exposure. The ROI on marketing videos is typically advantageous. In fact, most local business owners report that their ROI has significantly increased after investing in marketing videos for their companies.

6. Use Keywords: Your video title and description should always be SEO-optimized and should include relevant keywords. This will help index your videos in the major search engines.


Creating Videos That Convert Your Audience Into Loyal Customers