There is no doubt that online videos have grown like wildfire over the past few years; thanks to increased mobile usage, high-speed Internet, affordable recording equipment, and new technology that allows people to upload videos easier and faster than ever before.
Companies, in particular, have seen a tremendous boost in ROI after implementing videos into their marketing plans.
In fact:
* Brand awareness increases by at least 54% via online videos.
* Purchase intent, favorability, and message association also increases when companies use online videos.
* Purchase intent is high with mobile users, and many consumers go on to confidently purchase products and services after watching an engaging video on their mobile devices.
In order to boost your ROI with online videos, you need to create videos that interest people. You don’t need to have motion theater type videos for an effective video marketing campaign.
However, there are certain things you should keep in mind:
* Increase viewer engagement by creating videos that speak directly to them. In other words, try to make your videos seem more personal and less like advertisements.
* No one likes boring videos. Add entertaining factors to your videos such as humor, drama, and emotion.
* No matter what platform you use, be sure to also include your videos on YouTube, the largest social video sharing site, with billions of daily views.
* Use your company logo, motto, and any catch-phrases associated with your business in all of your videos.
* Make sharing easy. Most widgets and “share” buttons can be easily embedded on most websites.
* Incorporate videos into your email marketing campaign. Studies show that the click-through rate is much higher when companies include videos.
* Ensure that your videos can viewed on all types of devices, include smartphones and mobile tablets.
A successful video marketing campaign consists of creating videos that can captivate your audience, provide valuable content, and build trust. As a result, more viewers are likely to contact your business instead of choosing a competitor when searching for your type of product or service.


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